What are the requirements to get whitelisted?

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General Requirements:

Use a unique collection name

The collection name you use (max 12 characters / all lowercase one) should be unique to your collection and identifiable as such. You can for example include the artist’s name or a unique branding name. You should avoid names that merely use a combination of common words.

Not okay: "waxlottery", "artcollect11", "mytravelpics"

Okay: "joelsketches", "senorlupe", "alien.worlds", "1upcrew"


Create high quality, original art

Quality is subjective, but what we want to see is that you put effort into your art. All the art you’re using should be original and either created by you or commissioned for exclusive use in your collection.

Using openly available assets, e.g. stock photos, makes your collection ineligible for whitelisting. The only exception to this is when the unoriginal assets are only a small part of an otherwise original piece of art. Taking publicly available images and applying digital filters to them does not constitute original art. We also do not whitelist photography collections.

During the whitelisting process, you will likely be asked to provide proof for the art being original. To speed up the process, you can already provide that in your first submission. Common ways of proving originality are to provide raw files that you used for creating the art or providing a detailed description of how the art is created.

Build a small community around your brand

For whitelisting you need to prove that you have already created a small community of people who are interested in your collection. This can for example be your Instagram account where you uploaded your art over the past years.


Follow a coherent theme

Your collection should follow a coherent and recognizable theme. This could for example be "artwork of artist X", "items of the game Y" or "paintings of animal Z".


Create some templates/assets before applying

There is no fixed amount of templates/assets created that we require before whitelisting a collection, however, it should already contain multiple pieces of artwork before you apply for whitelisting. In general, we want to see that you have already invested energy into your collection.


Write a meaningful description including details about the creator/artist

The collection’s description should give anyone looking at it a quick overview of what they can expect from the collection. This should also include information about the creator/artist of the collection. You don’t necessarily need to reveal your real identity, it can for example also be a known alias. This ties into the next point.


Include social media links

You should also include social media links in the collection’s description / URL field as applicable. This can for example be a Telegram group, a Discord channel, or a Twitter account.

Users should be able to get in contact with the creator through these links, which from our experience also greatly increases the collection’s overall success.


Fanart / NSFW / Royalty-Free Images


It is not allowed to earn money based on other’s IP. Therefore pure fanart is not allowed on AtomicHub. We whitelist certain collections which are similar to "fanart" if it's immediately visible that it's not official and it's actually not the main focus of the collection / NFT. The own IP needs to be bigger than any external IP.



Pure porn is forbidden but we allow NSFW content. If you apply for whitelisting please add that you want to be marked as NSFW which will blur all images unless you have enabled it in your settings.


Royalty-Free / Stock Images

We don't whitelist non-original content. If your art is copied from somewhere else, we won’t whitelist it even if you have all the rights to upload it. We only whitelist content that is original or is part of a bigger project like a game.


Political Content

As a general rule, we don't whitelist collections whose main theme is political. We do this because we want to keep the process as objective as possible.


What’s forbidden?

You are not allowed to drop NFTs to accounts that did not show interest in your collection. We consider this spam and will blacklist offending collections.


Proofs you need to provide us with:

  1. Proof of Identity

    An option to choose between KYC (which is mandatory for games) or providing us with your social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, …) that shouldn't be completely new and should have some following (150+).

  2. Proof of Originality

    Please, provide us with either screen recordings / screenshots of working project files (Photoshop, Blender, Maya, After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, etc) and/or original project files (.mb, .blend, .ai, .psd, .json, etc). 

  3. Proof of Business*

    All legal information about the company (address, full name, business ID) needs to be publicly visible on your website.

  4. Proof of Game*

    Provide a demo, showing at least the following:

    a) Wallet login (Cloud-Wallet, Anchor)
    b) List of game-based NFT's the user has in his wallet, as shown in the frontend
    c) A minimal interaction with your own smart contracts

* Applies only to games and more complicated projects with staking features.


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