I was scammed. Can you ban them?

We cannot ban accounts, but we can blacklist a collection. Transactions on the blockchain are irreversible, and we don’t offer refunds for these kinds of issues. Please try to be more careful in the future and always do some research before buying anything.

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    Wimol Collein

    You should fix the problem more than just tell us to be more careful of buying stuff on the provided market , this is not helpful at all and isn't fix the problem. When you are allow the user to buy and sell their asset on your market then you should please checking or verifying only a trusted user, otherwise what are the point to buy and sell on your Market, if we have to take our own risk then the P2P trading will come sooner as you thought.

    Kind regards


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    Igor Neretin

    Good afternoon 05.04.2022 my wallet was robbed . Since there's nothing you can do, it's put everything I had on the blacklist so that these bastards couldn't profit from someone else's grief.


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