What is staking/unstaking?

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You can stake WAX tokens to gain either CPU time or NET bandwidth, which then entitle you to use a share of the blockchain’s resources. These tokens are not lost but can be unstaked at any time. This means that transactions are completely free, as long as you have some of your WAX tokens staked. 72 hours after CPU and NET were used by a transaction you sent, they will be available for you to use again.

To unstake CPU/NET to WAX, you can also use this link: https://wax.bloks.io/wallet/resources/unstake 

You can read more about staking in these two blog posts: https://wax-io.medium.com/psa-understanding-cpu-usage-and-fluctuations-in-accordance-with-staking-on-wax-84f88ef03f5f


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