How to avoid a scam?

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Tips on how to avoid getting scammed:

  • Our admins will never send DMs to you first or ask you about sensitive information on Telegram or Discord. Always double-check the username. There are a lot of scammers impersonating our staff.
  • Never share your sensitive information (for example, account password) with anyone.
  • Never send cryptocurrencies to unknown users asking for them in Telegram or Discord.
  • Don't click on suspicious links in Telegram or Discord. A lot of them are phishing links, and clicking on them can do great harm to you.
  • Always double-check the URL of the site you are on. There exist fake websites that look like our marketplace. The link to our site should always start with or
  • Do due diligence on the project and seller before buying anything.
  • Always double-check account names and actions when confirming any transactions. Beware of the bots sending trade offers.


If you have been scammed already, please be aware that we can't offer you any refunds for this issue, unfortunately. Transactions are decentralized and irreversible, so there is no way for us to get the tokens back.


But, if you believe your WAX Cloud Wallet account has been hacked, please contact their support via email at or on their Discord:


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